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How to use Bathmate
A brief guide on using the bathmate hydropump in the shower. To ensure you get the most out of your bathmate please follow the video guides carefully.
Cleaning The Bathmate
It's essential that you keep your bathmate clean for hygiene and maintenance reasons. This simple video guide shows you the best way to clean your bathmate hydropump.
Cleaning The Valve
The valve can attract dust and dirt residue over the years this simple guide shows you how to clean the valve and keep your bathmate in perfect working order.
Using The Bathmate Valve
This guide shows you the correct method on using the bathmate valve to ensure you get maximum pressure from your bathmate hydropump.
Replacing The Bathmate Comfort Pad

The comfort pad has a wear and tear life span of about 9 to 12mths with regular use of the bathmate. We supply a pack of three comfort pads in our shop. This is a simple maintenance guide on replacing the comfort pads

Hydromax - How to use the Valve

This brief guide shows you the correct way to use the hydromax valve head and grey pip to expell air & water

Hydromax - Installing a new valve

Please Be aware the valve only fits in one way take great care before reassembling the valve parts.

Comedy Centrals Tosh O Review Of The Bathmate

Daniel Tosh gives his hilarious review of the bathmate hydropump... A must see